Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No change in outlook for S&P 500

This weekend I posted that I'm expecting some short term upside on the major market indices based on sideways consolidation on their daily charts. My position remains unchanged as we've seen this scenario play out.

Yesterday the S&P 500 traded up sharply and today closed flat. If we see another one or two days of flat to moderate downside trading, I expect to see another leg up into resistance at the 1250 level. I will look to short a hit or break of this level as it will complete the macro bear wedge that's been forming on the daily chart.

If we don't see consolidation, either by a large move up or down this week, I will switch to a neutral bias on the markets and will not hold any overnight positions. Ideally, any consolidation will take place within the range of the large up move created by Monday's rally.

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