Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Markets grind sideways setting up for possible move higher--then lower

The S&P 500 continued to grind sideways today, closing positive by just .09%.  This is in line with my expectations as outlined in yesterday's post.

As long as this market trades sideways, the odds increase that we see a push higher in the coming days or early next week.

Note the bear wedge pattern outlined in green arrows

Please note that we are still trading within a macro bear wedge pattern signalling that the markets will ultimately trade lower whether or not we trade higher first. This means that we are looking at two trade setups within a single pattern: (1) bullish consolidation to push us higher into resistance and (2) a pullback from that resistance triggering the bear wedge.

Tomorrow, I will be looking for an additional day of consolidation before I am convinced of a move higher in the short term. If we break lower first, the bullish pattern will be negated and will trigger the bear wedge.  And if we trade higher, as I suspect we might, I'll look for resistance at the fib levels in the chart above.

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