Monday, August 15, 2011

TSX levels to watch

As the markets normalize, and with US debt issues put to bed for the time being, we can again focus on secondary markets like the TSX 60.

The TSX 60 has bounced considerably from the lows made on August 8. If it continues to move up, there will be several resistance levels to look for. The first is a narrow range between the 61.7% fib retrace, the 20 moving average and the pivot low at 811. This should be very good resistance provided we don't consolidate below it for several days. If this zone is broken to the upside, look for resistance at the 50 moving average. The dominant pattern is a bearish wedge--This means I will maintain a bearish bias and look for pullbacks at these resistant levels.

On the upside, the key levels to watch are the 200 moving average and the down-sloping blue trend line. A confirmed break above these levels will signal a possible breakout and can be bought long.

Oil and other commodities will play a key role in determining the direction of the TSX. If they remain strong, favour upper levels of resistance as the TSX should remain strong in sympathy.

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