Saturday, August 27, 2011

What to expect from the S&P 500 this week

This week the S&P 500 is positioning for a possible move to the upside. Since the week before last, the market has bounced considerably from the 1120 level and is trading sideways under the daily 20 moving average. As long as this sideways consolidation continues, a small bullish flag pattern has the potential to play out.

SPX consolidating micro bull flag for potential move up

A move up will have very little resistance until the 1250 level, at which point it will likely pullback. I will look to short a hit or break of this level. There will also be minor resistance at the pivot high at 1210 and the 50% fib at 1224.

My upside bias is unchanged since I suggested that a short term bottom for stocks was in after the bounce of August 8.  I also think that any movement up will serve to consolidate a macro bear flag formed since the large drop in late July.

If the market fails to move up and closes below the low of 1100, the bear flag will trigger and I will change my outlook to bearish. This is a distinct possibility as the markets are still rattled by European and American debt issues. Now more than ever, it's important to trade all up moves very carefully.

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