Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trend line breakouts--identifying prevalent patterns

Every day I see hundreds of chart patterns play out. Some patterns I take note of while other less reliable ones I ignore. This can vary on a weekly or even daily basis. Today, my chart pattern of choice was the trend line breakout.

To find a trend line, simply connect multiple highs or lows with a line--the more pivots that connect, the better the trend line. Notice how this works on the SPY intraday chart below. I personally played this breakout for a move to approximately 115.25.

SPY 10 min shows clear break of trend line leading to higher prices

Trend lines are a useful addition to any trader's repertoire due to their reliability and straightforwardness in knowing when the trade is working in your favour or not. A break above the trend line is the buy signal and a break back below is the stop out.

Once a trend line has been identified on one of the major indices it's very likely that this pattern will repeat itself on individual stocks. The following charts are trades I took in sympathy to the SPY pattern above.

Notice the POT.to trend line double as an inverse head and shoulders pattern

Trend lines can also be bought on a retest of the initial breakout

The 200MA was the logical target on this SU.to trend line breakout

Identifying prevalent patterns from one day to the next is just as important as identifying key active stocks and sectors. When you see a pattern playing out in the major indices and key large cap stocks, you'll likely see it elsewhere as well. This is a strategy I use in my own trading every day.

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