Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Market Summary

Today the markets saw some sharp selling as European and US debt fears continue to irk traders. The SPY opened at 131.08 and fell as low as 129.63 before recovering to close at 130.61.

Big drop and nice recovery on SPY 10 min

Despite this selling, I continue to hold a slight upside bias for the short term. I think the markets are currently oversold and that the debt fear premium has been priced in for the most part already. The SPX broke the daily 20 moving average but still should have some short term support at the 61.8 Fibonacci retrace.

Good bounce off 61.8 fib on SPX daily

I still continue to hold a small position short the SPY via the 2x ETF, as well as another small short in On the long side, I have a position in based on the hit of the double bottom at 31.79 and another position in PG based on bullish consolidation above the 20 moving average.

Going forward into the week, I'll be watching the news and futures closely pre-market and after-hours. Debt negotiations in the US have overshadowed issues in Europe for the time being and traders are watching it with full attention. The market has priced in a lengthy, last minute agreement between Republican and Democrats which means an early resolution will cause a rally and no resolution will cause a fall. No debt resolution is a very unlikely scenario, in my opinion.

Tonight I'll be scanning for long setups in the event that we bounce as I expect we will. If we break lower, I'll simply look to buy stocks at the next set of levels down on the charts.

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