Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A day of rest for the markets

After a big move up or down, the market usually needs a day of rest before continuing on its way. Today was no exception as the S&P 500 traded mostly sideways and closed fractionally lower on the day.

Today's SPX candle is known as a doji--something created when the price trades within a narrow range throughout the day. A doji means indecision, and that's fitting considering the mix of good and bad economic and earnings news traders have been digesting over the past several days. I expect we'll see a continued move up tomorrow, but any surprise news regarding European or US debt issues overnight could complicate things.

As I explained yesterday, don't be distracted by earnings when trying to make sense of the bounce we're seeing. The current up-move is simply a factor of technical support and contrarian psychology. Continue to hold any longs you may have picked up and be sure to have breakeven stops for each of them.

I'll be watching closely as the charts unfold and will have good resistance levels as they approach.

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