Friday, July 29, 2011

Back to regularly scheduled programming (soon)

It's somewhat ironic that the so-called, and self-proclaimed, "TSXpert"spends most of the time analyzing every micro-move of the S&P 500, America's bellwether stock index, instead of the more local Toronto Stock Exchange. Readers to this blog, or followers of mine on Twitter, may wonder if I look at the TSX at all. Such confusion is understandable.

Part of being a successful trader and student of the market is knowing where the action is, and right now that's the United States. The outcome of the present debt ceiling debates in that country will have a profound effect not only on US finances, but also the macro direction of Canadian stocks as well.

As these issues in the US continue to preoccupy global markets, the major Canadian indices have taken a second stage. Even the best technical analysis is unreliable in the face of inevitable whips and saws caused by events inside the US. For this reason, I've chosen to stick mainly to the S&P 500 as it's most closely linked to the important issues at hand as well as to American trader and investor sentiment--a key psychological indicator.

But what's here today is gone tomorrow and these issues will not be the focus of the market's attention for long. Once that's the case, I'll resume focusing on TSX analysis while always keeping a close eye on the US. But until then, enjoy the show and trade carefully.

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