Thursday, September 15, 2011

The TSX 60 recaptures the 20 moving average--just barely...

Today the TSX 60 index recaptured the daily 20 moving average. You'll recall from my analysis earlier this week that I was calling for a float up into the 780 gap fill area. Since then we've seen exactly that and closed today significantly higher at 783.11--just .60 points above the 20 moving average. Because the recapture is so slight, it's difficult to tell if it represents a true breakout or a minor pierce signalling a move lower.

Despite this recapture, there is still a lot of resistance at these levels. Going forward into Friday and early next week I will be looking for a followthrough move to the upside or downside, thereby confirming the levels as cleared or continued resistance. In the meantime, my outlook on the TSX 60 will remain neutral.

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